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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 9, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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six-week run in a show here in atlantic city. obviously, it is designed to create publicity. quite a way to create publicity. most people put an ad on tv or put up billboards, but he will walk 100' in the air 1,300'. this is quite an extraordinary stunt. >>shepard: jonathan, thanks. so, moments away until he starts walking across the thing. it will take about 30 minutes. he is a seventh generation of the world face family, acrobattists dating back to 1780 in hungary. is that right, back to 1780?
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>>jonathan: yes. there he is at top. the crowd is excited. you can probably hear them cheering. it will go quiet when he starts. this is about 100'. it doesn't sound so risky over the beach as niagara falls but this is almost the exact height from which his great grandfather fell to his death in 1978. his grandfather was walking across the street between to towers in puerto rico. the height was 132'. he slipped and fell in the breeze. he died. the breeze has picked up since we arrived. but it would not be fair to say it is windy. but it has picked up. that is the greatest fear for any tight rope walker, the subsequent when it walks. so they will want that closely.
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and hopefully the helicopter will know blow him off. >>shepard: that would be wrong. now we are looking at the signs, it is meatball mania. rick is talking about wind, et cetera. tell me about the weather forecast for the next 30 minutes. rick: the next 30 minutes, not that bad. there are big thunderstorms 80 miles to his west. he should be done with this by that time. the winds have been climbing. a couple of hours ago therapy -- they were at six miles per hour and now they are up to ten miles per hour. they have been out of the south and southeast at around six to ten miles per hour so they are coming in the same direction. you can prepare for that the you do not want a variable wind gusting from different directions. >>shepard: there he goes. what is with the backward walking business? >>jonathan: this is just testing the rope. this is all testing the rope. just getting a feel for it and
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making sure he is comfortable. i will bring you down, if you look at our shot as he moves briefly, look the at people holding the ropes. they have to caught it taught. that -- keep it taut. the people holding the rope, they hold both sides to caught intaut. so he is testing. if he is not comfortable, he will let them necessity if he wants more or less taut. >>shepard: what is with the one sock thing on and one sock off? >>jonathan: i assume that is the way he likes to walk. they talk about the "feel," the grip and this, he has been doing this a long time. he is 33. he first started doing this when he was two years old so he knows the way he likes to do it.
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>>shepard: he is to tight rope walking as michael jackson was to hands. fraser seitel handles a lot of "what does this do for your reputation," a p.r. guy and author of "rethinking republication." what do you think? you rethink your reputation if you fall off. >>guest: if you fall, you die. that's what this about. he is the consummate showman, a great p.r. man. he is earnest. a god-fearing christian. he has his fame by his side at all times. he is perfect for this. you will see, i watched the niagara falls walking, it is riveting television. >>shepard: for abc it was the greatest thing since sliced bread with the biggest numbers in years.
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the viewing audience was enormous. >>guest: it is riveting. he has a show at a casino coming up. some people hold press conferences. this guy gets 100' boston ground -- above the ground and walks across the wire. >>shepard: that is what is happening, this is is a wallenda attempting 100' above the sand in atlantic city, new jersey, a walk of 1,300' across. we know he holds world records, lots of them, forfeiters -- for different feats around the world. he is the first person to cross between the united states and canada in over 120 years. he is the first person ever to
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cross the world famous more shoe falls, niagara falls, in june. in october of 2008, on the program on nbc that used to leave things in the morning, he walked in and bicycled 12 stories up from the roof of the center in new jersey, to, jersey likes this walking up high kind of stuff. jonathan, have they promoted this? they have brought out a lot of folks for this? >>jonathan: there has been a lot of promotion. atlantic city is very excited. it brought out a heck of a lot of people. throughs lining the board walking. there are thousands more on the beach will the joy of this, you are seeing an amazing human physical feat. we are watching it, like, something we cannot say about a lot of sports events recently. this is a like, amazing feat to watch. most people are silent as they watch him take every, very slow,
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very careful step. just picking up on what rick said, you can feel the breeze has picked up. that is the key element in all of this. this man has extraordinary balance. it is all about the wind. the breeze is picking up as he gets 30 or 40' into the walk. >>shepard: he put the other sock thing on. >>jonathan: we will talk to him about that. we have an interview when and if he gets down. well talk about that. it is the way he tests the rope. one on, one off, seeing which he refer prefers for the conditions. he said there has been some sand stuck to the rope up there since they put it up and he likes that, that gives him a little bit of great grip. i assume he was probably testing whether he preferred to do it with socks on or socks off. >>shepard: something we all have to consider. he is 5' 1" and weighs 195
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pounds. his wife is here, with three children. he comes from the west coast of florida where they have a lot of sporting activists in tampa. a brilliant idea to go to tampa in late august, the perfect destination for late august, tampa. jonathan, from where you are standing on the ground, it looks like forever up in the sky. >>jonathan: it does look a long way up. he looks pretty small. people are in awe. there was a lost noise when he first came out. a lot of cheering when he got to the top. now, everyone is just waiting to see what happens. you can see he is moving very, very carefully, as you can imagine, 100' in the air request
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no -- in the air with no safety harness. everyone is transfixed. of course they are still in the bars but everyone is watching it. they are not watching their tequila right now. >>shepard: on the atlantic, the winds can be unpredictable. rick: you said it. it can create a sea or land breeze. what i have to say, what i like with the winds, they are from the same direction. my guess, and i am not an expert, you are making adjustments based off of the bar and if the wind is consistent and from the same direction that would help, i would think, if you have that consistent wind direction. as jonathan said, he can feel the wind getting stronger. the winds have gone up by about
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four miles per hour during the last couple of hours. there are some big thunderstorms off to his west. i'm assuming if this takes 30 minutes, he will be fine, but as the thunderstorms get closer, we will see the winds pick up a bit more. >>shepard: you can see the birds in the next stop, hopefully one of the birds does in the come over to say hello. we know what they are good for -- almost zero. anyone who has been forced to take a drunk driving test, although you are stone cold sober, just walking in a straight line is not easy to do on land without one of those poles. randy is here with us, a criminal defense attorney who helps us with legal cases, if i was the attorney i would caution against this. rain i am having difficulty walking. i am scareed to death.
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unbelievable division. unbelievable. >>shepard: this is nuts. >>guest: as the meteorologist said, the wind in the niagara falls was ferocious and he kept moving forward. really, it is gripping television. >>shepard: for those who may just be tuning in at 13 minutes after the hour, 8:13 in london where they are watching, and wallenda is above the beach in atlantic city. you hit the craps table right and you feel like you are flying hebrew there guy is. he is attempting to walk the whole 1,300' and is going to the casino which is where he is going to have a show. >>guest: this is how he is promoting this. his family is with him in atlantic city.
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his family will be with him in the show. this is how you do it. and atlantic city need as boost like this. they have tried performing animals, donald trump, things like that. this is what they need. >>shepard: the knock on atlantic city has been they don't run the place very well. i am not speaking for myself but this is what you read. they have had all kinds of problems over the years. they have tried to clean it up. now they want did try to get sports booked in there. there is sports book that only exists in las vegas, but governor christie is, look, we have money problems and we want to sports book in here. there are federal laws against it but christie is against it. >> atlantic city takes risks which is why nag -- nag --
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niagara falls and abc insisted on a harness. >> this boardwalk runs four miles, the set of the named monopoly game, home of one of the first arenas which was built in 1929, convention hall. south jersey's only free beach. most of south jersey, you have to pay, or you have to live there. in the mid-1970's the idea of breaking casino gaming was approved by state referendum. who would think they would have this happening. you look at the horizon, and wallenda, ten or 12 stories up. the subject of springsteen's song, this walk is from the atlantic club casino hotel to
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the resort casino. if he makes it. he is close. jonathan, is he halfway across? >>jonathan: not quite halfway. he is getting close to the halfway point. it is extraordinary. he is in front of our position here. it is extraordinary to look at him. the only part of his body that is moving or his legs. his spine is completely straight. his arms are holding the beam. his head is not moving. just keeping the balance. it is what gymnasts say when they do the balance beam which we have not seen live on television during the olympics but we are seeing this like. it is extraordinary to watch. if we can just bring our camera around and show you the people holding the ropes. one is holding or keeping the rope taut but if you go to the section where he is coming, they gather in threes to pull it tighter and tighter not exact section he is going over. there is a science to this, a
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real science. it is not just about the balance but about the tautness of the rope. he is stopping to applause. you can probably hear the cheers from the crowd. >>shepard: and waving. come on! >>jonathan: i am not entirely sure if that is a wave or a signal. he could be signaling. >>shepard: did a bird poop on him. he wiped something off his chest. >>jonathan: he said he was prepared for the sea gulls. it would be interesting if one landed on the end of the beep, honeyfully they would do it in pairs and land on either side. >>shepard: the birds are good-for-nothing. the reason he is doing this is to pay the bills and they used to the be great wallendas, he is walking on two sock fee 100' above the boardwalk in atlantic
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>>shepard: a live look atlantic city, new jersey, a look across the beach. there is the flying wallenda brother now is halfway across a 1,300' tight rope. this is a high-wire, actually. he is walking the 1,300 feet from one casino to the next. 100' above the beach with no harness of any kind. he has a poll, socks and away he goes. jonathan hunt is on the scene, and fraser seitel, a p.r. expert
3:20 pm
and randy tell en, a lawyer, and rick is in the weather center. the weather is holding out well. rick: the winds have gone up a couple more hours and is up to it will miles per hour from the south. it is shifting. a little bit of change. but 12 miles per hour, i am sure, is something he can handle. >>shepard: from the ground shot, it looks like the skies have gone gray from the blue we saw earlier. >>jonathan: certainly the weather is changing. we can see clouds moving in. rick was talking about the storms about 80 miles to the west, perhaps this is the forefront of the storms. the wind is not too bad. i don't know if you can see the stars and stripes flapping in the wind. it does not appear to be disturbing nik wallenda. he is a good more than halfway, and it looks like he has 300 feet, or so, to go. he looks comfortable.
3:21 pm
he paused in the middle. seemed to give a couple of signals. we assume it was something about keeping the rope taut but he is comfortable right now i would say, ship. >>shepard: i am sure he is. he is only 100' above the beach with a pole and no harness. fraser, i guess he is used to it. >>guest: he was born on a wire. two years old he started. his father did it. his grandfather did it. his wife walks the wire. his kids walks the wire. he is as natural walking the wire as randy zelin is suing somebody. this guy embellishes, by talking, praying and waving. >>shepard: you want to know how they became the flying wallendas. in the 1940's, they were purchasing in ohio, right? that group all fell off the wire but none of them was hurt. not one. the next day a reporter witnessed this accident said, he was quoted saying they felt so
3:22 pm
gracefully it seemed they were flying. thus, coining the name "flying wallendas." fun fact to remember as you go about your day. we could be talking about all the ridiculous nasa -- ridiculousness in politics. this such more interesting, how about you, jonathan? >>jonathan: way more interesting than all of that nonsense. and this is an event that has attract add far larger crowd than either of the presidential candidates would in atlantic city. thousands upon thousands are lining the boardwalk right now and they are moving with him as he moved up the boardwalk from the ocean club where we are, toward the casino, which marks the end of his walk. they are moving with him, anxious to be with him every step of the way. everyone is loving this.
3:23 pm
>>shepard: did you hear about this new thing chris christie did with gambling there in atlantic city? >>jonathan: i did, yes, i heard about that. i don't know why they want to do it. i guess they need more money as many states and cities do. i am not a betting man so i don't know what that is all about. >>shepard: i can tell you what it is. here is the thing, in atlantic city, now, the jersey governor just signed on to this thing. you do not have to be at a gambling table or anywhere to gamble the you can be at pool or at a restaurant or whatever as long as you are on casino property. you can now have mobile devices to gamble on anything that is legal to gamble on, wherever you are. then you have a credit card and if you lose, they take it off the credit card. if you win, you get your winnings when you check out of the facility after your stay. so, there are more ways to
3:24 pm
win/lose than ever before. that is exciting, fraser. >>guest: absolutely. and new jersey needs the revenue. as a resident who doesn't want to pay anymore taxes that is what new jersey needs of the atlantic city needs something like this. this is good publicity as long as he makes it to the end of the rope for atlantic city. >>shepard: i thought you said...well, you normally say there is no such thing as bad publicity but that would be bad publicity. >>guest: it would be terrible. part of the public relations job, here sex -- here is to prepare for the worse, consider the worst case. the people at the casino and the governor and the atlantic city officials, i guarantee, have done just that. this guy has enormous confidence. >>shepard: we have to take a quick break and we will finish it live because we started it. we might as well finish it.
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hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>>shepard: we are pushing up above 100' above the beach with no harness, nothing. nik wallenda, of the flying wallendas in atlantic city, attempting to make quarter mile walk. he has done it well in 10 to 12 miles per hour wind with a storm approaching. everyone seems to have been good. but consider this: in 1978, his great grandfather, he fell from a wire and died in puerto rico.
3:29 pm
he was trying to walk between the towers of one hotel plaza. he was ten stories up. years later, 2011, he and his mother accomplished the same stunt. he said his great grandfather and his hero, and his great greater founded the modern 19 of dare devils in the 1920's and now nik wallenda, looking for a p.r. showcase here. he tries to get it going down in atlantic city. from a p.r. standpoint, this has been all high cotton? >>guest: this has been a stroll along the boardwalk. wait until he talks to jonathan when he lands. he will be articulate. he will be thankful. he will be looking forward to his next event which is across the grand canyon.
3:30 pm
one thing that nik wallenda has done, he has resurrected this family name. he is, really, a consummate showman. he is the closest thing we have today to evil knievel. >>shepard: heard a lot of hollering. >>jonathan: everyone is getting excited. this is the most critical time. it is all about keeping focus the last few feet. it is like they say, the most dangerous ski run is the last one of the day. you just relax that little bit. that is when you fall. the last few steps, now, are the most critical. i have to say, he has looked comfortable all the way. the crowd has planned it up. thousands on the boardwalk walking along with him and energying this. he looks as though he is about to complete a spectacular feat and great to see this great physical achievement like on tv, for a change, compared to the olympics.
3:31 pm
>>shepard: slowing down, you may have noticed. he is walking uphill, now, and there is some wind out there. you can see the skies are gray. the water is below. well, the water is down below and -- there we go, the crowd is applauding. (applause) >>shepard: he is speeding up a bit. careful. careful. the cameraman is more shaky than the dude up there, isn't he? now what do you do? okay. here i am, atop the the
3:32 pm
telephone pole. nik wallenda did it. the chopper is up there. that is weird. they make a lot of wind. >>guest: they do make a lost wind but he is fearless. >>shepard: some would use other words. i wouldn't the but some would. right, jonathan? jonathan? what is he doing? doesn't somebody do this for him, john that? >>jonathan: what he is trying to do now, remember, you are watching on a few seconds' delay, trying to get a pole down to a helper. obviously, it is still tricky. you get to the end, you still have to get the 20' pole handed down and that can unbalance you atop the crane so he is being very came. he will get that down. then he will go down. he will, in doubt, be a very happy man. we expect to talk to him in about 30 minutes. i will bring that to you, obviously, on the fox report tonight. that is one pretty happy nik
3:33 pm
wallenda right now and one pretty happy and impressed crowd out here on the atlantic city boardwalk. >>shepard: how could they not be? a lot going on in political world today the we will get to that in a minute. in addition, a 13-year-old child -- no, a 17-year-old child, a 17-year-old child who embers -- impersonates the medical professional and even gives in cpr. he is in trouble. his publicity stunt is doing. the flying wallendas have kept their name going. nik wallenda walked a quarter mile, 100' above the boardwalk of the thankfully, it didn't go weird on us. the news begins anew, on stub, right -- on "studio b" right after this. i'm only in my 60's...
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>>shepard: jonathan hunt will interview nik wallenda shortly. but, officials have just released police interrogation video of the teenager accused of impersonating a hospital worker and treating patients at a florida hospital. impersonating a hospital worker. in them, the 18-year-old works no medical training at all, he admits he performed cpr on a woman who overdosed and explains that he had to because the doctor left the room. >> he said, can you take over cpr, and i started doing cpr on her for a minute or two minutes while he got medication and came back in. that was it. the only reason i did it because nobody else was in there. >>shepard: investigators say the teen was supposed to be working in the billing department but he claims he mistakenly got a physician's assistant badge, somehow, he told the cops he would hold
3:38 pm
patients' hands during procedures and he walked around with a laboratory coat and learned medical terminology so he would not "sound like an idiot." but officials say he has a history of faking identity and he was arrest add few months after that interrogation on charges of impersonating an officer. the orlando newspapers report that the teen tried to get credentials at another hospital a year earlier, the same hospital that caught him posing as a nurse back in 2007 when he was, altogether now, 13 years old. he could have pulled it off. trace is live with us. how did he get busted posing as a cop, trace? >>trace: he was driving an unmarked police car in south florida pulling people over for not wearing their seatbelt but high pulled up to another unmarked police car and the ream cop noticed that he was actually pretending to be a real cop and he questioned him and he busted him and they found on him, listen to this, a sheriff's
3:39 pm
badge, a . .38 caliber handgun, a taser, police radio, handcuffs, and an ankle holster. doctors say these are clear signs of a dangerous wanna be. listen. >> you are putting something over on, if you will, people would some may see as their superiors, i can do this, you are not that smart, i can fake my way through this. that is exciting for me to prove it. >>trace: the sheriff has to kick hit owe of the junior sheriff program because he kept wearing gear during situations where police actually thought he was an actual police officer. >>shepard: sounds like somebody needed a time out. does he give police any explanation for the antics? >>trace: he says he has always wanted to be a cop and he always wanted to an doctor but aside from giving the woman cpr you mentioned me says that he did not perform anything on any other patients. listen. >> you are christian catholic?
3:40 pm
>> christian. christian. christian. >> you are swearing to god? i swear to god this was in other patient contact, nothing done by me. i swear to god. i would not do that. >>trace: he did his petroleum -- his homework on the impersonations, he could speak the perfect language. i studied by myself, i studied before i wanted to do this. >> what books? >> just terminology books. i gots liking two from barnes and nobles and one from the library. i got a bunch of apps at home. >>trace: and downloaded apps on the phone. he hopes the jury takes pity because he is facing 40 years in jail. >>shepard: trace, thank you. 40 years in that?
3:41 pm
lawyers are here, randy zelin, criminal defense attorney, both with us this afternoon, randy, 4 years? >>randy: forget the 40 years. we talk about knowledge and intent when it comes to crimes. ladies and gentleman, you are seeing it in living color. this young man, a man, not a boy, he knew that he was not a physician's assistant. he intended to pretend that he was one. he knew exactly what he was doing. he knew exactly what he was trying to get away with. he intended to get over and to blame it on the hospital but for the fact he pretended to be a physician's assistant he would not be left alone with a doctor where the doctor felt comfortable leaving the room now he has to perform cpr and, by the way, he could have said, you know what, i really ain't cut out for this. someone should have died. he needs to take responsibility and be punished. >>shepard: drew? we have had a power outage in
3:42 pm
atlanta -- no, drew is back. you said do not make this kid a scapegoat for the hospital's incompetence. >>guest: well, shep, first of all having watched the tight rope, have it imitate the tight rope walker and if he makes it drop the charges. he is like a george zimmerman wanna be of the look at the hospital, though, how did this kid -- this kid has some catch me if you can psychological problems. there is no doubt he is being psychiatrically evaluated for why he tries to be imposter. but we cannot lose sight of the fact that a high school kid has gone into a hospital and got away with it. we do not need to detract ourselves from the real attention because that's the zairey part of this. >>shepard: you said make him write a 1,000 word essay.
3:43 pm
don't put it away for 40 years. >>guest: i don't think this kid needs to be thrown into jail. no one was hurt as a result of what he did. we need to evaluate the kid. he needs to be educated. he needs to be treated. who got hurt because of this? you know who got hurt? our confidence in the hospital. we do not need to throw this kid in jail. he did not hurt anybody by what he did. >>shepard: does this guy like just a little bit like the barefoot bandit? remember the barefoot bandit with his own animation on this program, remember him in remember that guy? he is off to the big house. we will see what happens to this guy and let you know. the barefoot bandit music in the background. governor mitt romney is not likely to win electoral votes in new york and new jersey, but campaign contributions, that is another matter altogether. governor romney's big fundraising swing in the
3:44 pm
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>>shepard: 10 minutes before the hour. governor mitt romney's campaign raised $5 million in a two-day fundraising swing through new york and new jersey. the total was announced this morning where the new york jets owner warned donor they still have a long way to go in the machine race. last month, governor romney and the republican national committee outraised president obama by $26 million. that doesn't include money from the super pacs that have taken over. carl cameron is our main political guy. he is in new york city this afternoon. welcome to new york, with no campaign stuff today. what is he up to? >>carl: he is campaigning. $5 million today puts him in excess of $400 million raised for the general election now. as the jets' owner and a predominant fundraiser said they are only halfway there. he would like to put in another $400 million the remaining 13 weeks. >>shepard: have the super pac's taken over the whole process or are we making a big
3:49 pm
deal out of the it? >>carl: it is not all that different, there is less accountability because the money and donors are not as transparent. there is a progression of spending and nasty attack ads from special interest groups if years. they are working under a different regulation environment. but compared to history it is the growth we would expect. it is a lot of nastiness and it is turning off the voters. independents are ticked off by the negativity. >>shepard: any insight on the veep race? >>carl: this is the last bit of campaigning before he announces. so it could be the middle of next week. the four names are paul ryan and marco rubio. paul ryan is about to head out on a vacation with his family to colorado. so he could be out of circulation, so that could mean he is the guy. but rubio has been on a family vacation and not back until the weekend so there you go. and the two others, report
3:50 pm
portman and tim pawlenty have done the high-from file variation of the rubio and ryan hide, they are campaigning for him. >>shepard: western on a chartered plane our whole team, hundreds of us, from one convention site in denver to the other convention site in chicago when we landed everyone's blackberrys went off and it said somebody named sarah palin was the v.p. pick and everyone is like, who is that? and brit hume was, like, this is the governor of -- what is he doing? >>carl: we should not be surprised by a vice. if he found a name out of the four it wrote not be a shock. there is a long list, 20 names. he could go back to that original name. he wants someone who can be president and who he can "have a conversation with," someone who is experienced, and can carry a tune, a policy tune. both candidates complain how they are dealing with trivia and necessity want the real substance. whether we can do that, big question. for the first time, ever, four
3:51 pm
debates, three presidential and vice presidential, the whole month of october is about debates. >>shepard: october is shot. the democrats continue to hammer him, day in and day out, on the tax returns. if you look at this as a disinterested party, clearly, there is something there he doesn't want anybody to know. his grandfather is the one who set the pace -- his father. >>guest: he made the point he will in the give anymore ammunition to explode in his face. there is no doubt there is a doll taken. it has hurt him. independent votes have shown a little bit of a sign in places like ohio where the ads have run. he has been trailing obama in the polls. it has held him down. the question is not whether the attack ads have damaged him the you might want to ask, where would he be if they had in the run in if the race is tied, or he is down a couple of spots, in the absence of the attacks, he could well be ahead so we have
3:52 pm
yet to see the rebound or the negative backlash. when you take a punch you get scuffed up, too. we have yet to see the backlash. well measure that after we hear his convention in 3 1/2 weeks. >>shepard: 89 days to vacation? >>carl: if romney is in the white house we will be real busy and if president obama is re-elected this is an open seat in 2016 which means the republicans will be bag up in iowa and new hampshire in the spring. you will love it. >>shepard: i love your home state. always love it. new hampshire a a good deal. >>carl: mississippi is not bad, either. >>shepard: don't catch it in the summer. >>shepard: great to see you. a rare and potentially rescue at a remote research station in antarctica, a medical team had a daring medical evacuation that required landing an air bus 319 on a runway of solid ice. they went at the request of the united states to pick up an
3:53 pm
person man who needs surgery. officials say a member of the expedition is now in "stable," condition the we have clearer pictures from the $2.5 billion trip to mars by nasa. mars look as lot like the california desert. details ahead. [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
3:54 pm
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so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're onof those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day, block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zeroeartburn. >>shepard: a minute and 15 seconds to "your world." but, first, we are looking at nik wallenda who accomplish add high-wire feat earlier in the program. he was 100' above the stand and walked for a quarter mile between one casino and another. he did it without a harness. he did it just fine. our jonathan hunt will be interviewing him this afternoon. that is the plan, anyway. we will have a rap on this high-wire stunt tonight on the fox report at 7:00 eastern and 6:00 in oxford, america's choice for evening news. nasa today released the first
3:57 pm
color pictures from the rover they sent up to mars. scientists say from the picture mars looks like california's desert. officials from nasa say it is the best image from the $2.6 billion mission. an official said the landscape appears diverse and there seems to be "hadder material underneath the surface of gravel ." that's it for "studio b" today and we back for the fox report. the dow just sitting around boring us all day. off 12 at session. stuart varney is here for neil cavuto on "your world." have a great afternoon. see you tonight on fox news channel. >>stuart: part of a $20 million ad airing only in five swing states. the controversy surrounding this obama super pac cancer ad growing across the nation. the president speaking.
3:58 pm
will he meet calls to denounce it? welcome,en, i am stuart varney here for neil cavuto. >> she passed away in 22 days. i do not think mitt romney realizes what he has done to anyone. furthermore, i do not think mitt romney is concerned. >>stuart: romney campaign calling this ad by a pro obama pac despicable and acoogs -- accusing the president of perpetuating lies and the campaign is trying to distant itself from the ad. >> i don't know the facts. >> i don't know the specifics of this man's case. >> we have as were to do with the priorities and the super pac ads a with michael phelps. i cannot speak to the ad. >>stuart: is there direct involvement? last may, the president's deputy campaign manager, held a conference call with the man
3:59 pm
featured in the ad detailing his case to reporters. on profile appearing on the campaign website for the obama team. to senior romney advisor. welcome to the program. they have not pulled this ad, the white house will not repudiate it, what do you make of this? >>guest: well, it's a clear statement about the president himself. he refuses to take responsibility, he refuses to take any action to remove something that he knows is a pack of lies against his opponent. it suggests a character issue here in my personal opinion, that a man will take no responsibility. can you not trust what the campaign saying can you not trust what they put on the air. when the press asks them about it, they lie. this is a campaign of deceit. the great man of hope and change has, after three years of a failed presidency, now he has a campaign that's


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